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Are you a mother, a woman who feels as if she can’t do anymore? Let me help you through this time of struggle by giving you the tools and steps to take to live the life you’ve been craving. Do you want to simplify and feel ready to face each day?

Beckoning Harmony came about after many years of struggling for time and feeling as if life was hurling by. Daphne McIntosh wants you to be able to create harmony and beckon all this and more into your life.

•Reiki session both in person and distance

•Intuitive readings

•Health coaching

•Mindfulness coaching

•Psychic Office/House Cleansing

• Kundalini Yoga

Come here for all things healing! Body, mind and spirit.

Do you crave:

Less stress?

Improved working mind?

Greater focus?

Cognitive flexibility?

Beckoning Harmony brings happiness & health, together.

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